Pilates for Men – The Huge Benefits of Pilates for the Male Body

As a Pilates enthusiast, I’ve noticed that when it comes to Pilates for men, the large majority of guys won’t have anything to do with it. That’s unfortunate because there are a tremendous number of benefits that come with taking Pilates classes…and these benefits are just as impactful for males as it is for females. Here are just a few of the positive effects of Pilates.A lot of men have been trying different types of exercises to get in shape. More often than not, they are not fully satisfied with the results.There are also a lot of young and older guys suffering from bad backs, knees, hips, and various other ailments. The good thing is that there are a lot of different ways men can improve upon their exercise which can help improve their body and reduce the pain in their back and other areas. Pilates is a good way to start off.First, it can help provide a stronger core. With the help of proper training and good control of your small muscles in the abdominal and lower back region, you can improve your core stability. Pilates can help you better control the spinal joints on these areas during the movement of the spine, pelvis and hip regions.Second, Pilates can also help improve the relaxation of the body. By slowing down the movement of the body, it can help improve the core stability and it can also provide a more relaxed state to the body. Since the class is not big enough or they are often composed of 5 to 6 people, it is done in a slow tempo and provides a more relaxed atmosphere.That slower tempo also forces controlled movement. This causes the muscles to work in an endurance state. This helps build stronger muscles without putting a great deal of stress and pressure on the muscles and joints.Third, Pilates is excellent in helping to improve on and develop good posture. After years of walking incorrectly, sports, slouching, and other things, mens’ postures take a beating. This causes hunched over shoulders, limping due to hip misalignment, backs leaned forward and more. Pilates, for men is a great way for them to return to a taller stature and alleviate the pain cause by bad posture. In fact, many experts are suggesting that men and women must undergo a Pilates lesson to improve their overall postures and reduce muscle imbalance.Fourth, it can significantly improve a man’s athletic performance. Pilates exercise helps strengthen core muscles, improve flexibility, works on stability muscle, and form. In addition, along with major muscle groups, smaller lesser familiar muscles get worked helping to improve balance and coordination.A lot of professional athletes are making use of these exercises to help them and their performance.Pilates also help increase flexibility to help prevent injury. But, it is also a valuable tool for physical therapists as it is used frequently in the rehab process. Pilates exercises help speed the recovery of the body in case you do encounter any injuries.Fifth, Pilates can help provide a better alignment. Usually, guys who recently have a spinal surgery are referred to Pilates class to help with rehabilitation. It is not yet known if Pilates can actually help avoid any type of spinal injury because of spinal alignment. However, it is recommended that you try at least a short term Pilates exercise program so you can have better control over your spinal musculature and help develop better alignment in your spine. Usually, the people with uneven shoulders and legs are told to try out Pilates because it can help them in this kind of situation.Sixth, it can improve your concentration. Since the tempo of the exercise is slow and steady, you can have very precise and controlled movements allowing you to have full concentration on what you are doing during the sessions. If you are regularly doing Pilates, you can easily adapt this to your daily activities. You can improve your concentration during working hours or even when you are doing other activities.Seventh, Pilates provides a better stamina. Classes have long duration and they undergo intensive workout. Stamina can be improved if you will continuously attend Pilates classes. Pilates can help you better utilize oxygen in your tissues and provide you with better stamina levels. Usually, people experience difficulty in this kind of exercise, meaning endurance, and they often experience aches in their body. This is only natural since your body is still adapting to the new activity. When you regularly attend classes, you can easily adapt to the exercises.It’s because of these reasons and more that Pilates for Men is a valuable workout that can help guys like you improve your body.

Skip The Gym And Do Your Pilates At Home

Started by Joseph Pilates back in the early 1900s, Pilates is a century old proven exercise that is still practiced widely today. It is a set of exercises that focuses on strengthening your core muscles and improving your flexibility. In fact, it is the Pilates workouts that have helped Joseph Pilates to grow from a physically weak and sickly child to a strong and healthy adult.Pilates is known to benefit practitioners well beyond the physical body. It is claimed to be able to calm one’s mind and stabilize one’s emotions. This may be due to the slow movement of Pilates workout routines coupled with controlled breathing that soothes one’s nervous system. In this way you not only become stronger but also feel better after every Pilates workout.So is the gym the only place you can practice Pilates?Practicing Pilates at the gym definitely has a lot of benefits to offer. Firstly the gym will usually provide you with mid to professional grade Pilates mat that you can comfortably perform your exercises on. Secondly they have certified Pilates instructors that can provide you with professional guidance and correct you on the spot when you are doing it wrong. The only downside to doing it at the gym is that it is very costly. This is mainly because the membership fees will include the rental of the studio space as well as hiring the Pilates instructor for your class.But the gym is definitely not the only place you can do your Pilates exercises. In fact, you can just do it at home without compromising too much on the quality of the workout.Doing your Pilates workout at home has its advantages. Firstly you save time and money traveling to the gym for your Pilates class. Secondly you can do it at your own comfortable pace and will not be embarrassed if you can’t execute some of the moves. Thirdly you can do it at any time of the day when you are free and don’t have to stick to a fixed class schedule. With the right routines and equipment, you too can achieve a gym-quality Pilates workout from the comfort of your home.So what are the right routines and equipment you should look out for when considering to do Pilates at home?There are many different types of Pilates workouts using different combinations of routines and equipment. The recommended exercise for home Pilates will be the Pilates mat work (also known as Pilates mat workout or Pilates mat exercise). The Pilates mat work is very affordable due to the lack of need for any heavy, costly or specialized equipment (such as the reformer). All it requires is just a Pilates mat, where you can get it off a local departmental store or an online shop, some loose clothing, and a Pilates DVD for the guidance.Pilates mat exercises can be easy or hard depending on your level. There are basic routines designed for beginners and patients recovering from injuries, and there are the challenging routines that the advanced practitioners will appreciate. Thus, selecting a Pilates DVD of the correct level is very important. Always look out for an indication of the difficulty level on the DVD cover or search for reviews online before you buy so that you will not waste your money. One good way to find out is to look for the author or actor or actress name or the DVD title on YouTube. Usually they will share a few basic instructional videos on YouTube for free as part of their promotional efforts. In this way you can gauge if the level of difficulty suits you before you buy their DVD.